The Major Benefits of Powder Coating Rims

Powder coating serves as a good substitute to normal wet painting for automotive and different other varieties of metal parts. Powder coating is a process where a layer of solid pigment specially treated in the form of dry powder is applied on the surface of a rim. Next, the rim is heated and it undergoes a chemical reaction with the rise in temperature. It is this chemical reaction that causes the powder to melt and reharden into a very solid surface which matches very well with the forms of the rim to which it is applied. Powder Coating Rims come with many advantages in comparison to wet painting. Powder coated rims are not only ecologically friendly and cheaper but they serve as durable surfaces less likely to be chipped or scratched.

Powder Coating RimsThe Advantages Served by Powder Coated Rims

Powder coating is a completely different way of applying good finish to a metal piece. This finish can either be used in the form of a decorative accent or for protecting the piece of metal from damage or rust. This is a process used in several manufacturing industries and even by end consumers for car parts and household items. One of the most commonly powder coated parts of a car are the rims. Some of the most well-known benefits of powder coated rims are as follows:

Powder Coated Rims are Durable

The powder used for powder coating is made out of small pigment and resin particles. Electroplating services are required by these small pigments and resins during application. These are sprayed on metals for coating them. The metal which is coated using this powder adheres very well to the surface and carries a smooth and durable finish. The high-quality, durable and smooth finish looks great and at the same time it also helps in protecting the metal.

Powder Coated Rims are Economical

Another reason behind the popularity of powder coated rims is the fact that they are economical. Powder coating is a process that gives consumers and manufacturers a choice of wide variety of colors for the final item. Powder coating is considered durable because it has the potential of resisting scratching, fading and chipping. It can easily be applied in a satin, gloss, flat, metallic, clear, glitter or high gloss finish. The colors last for a very long time and they do not fade like the other finishes. Powder coating can even be used for various other finishes such as rough, smooth and wrinkled.

Powder Coated Rims are Environmentally Friendly

Powder coated rims are good for the environment. there are other finishes that make use of solvents containing VOCs or volatile organic compounds which are dangerous for the environment. Apart from car rims, powder coating is widely used on bumpers, door handles, filters, truck beds, engine parts, radiators and auto accents. Clear powder coat is also used for protecting the finish that is found on the painted parts of a car. Rims which are powder coated have the potential of holding to wear better in comparison to the other finishes.

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